" what's that, mumbles? "

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Is it me or is it her
That’s in your head?

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there are two people on my dash in love with ilana glazer

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rebekah mikaelson + misandry

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sunday. by mariell øyre on Flickr.


sunday. by mariell øyre on Flickr.

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My mother is bipolar and my father is an alcoholic and an addict. He takes what he pleases and he offers nothing. No money, no support. I’ve done what I could to help raise my siblings. I wish I could’ve done more. I’m not asking for your pity or your admiration. I just want to be able to give these kids everything that they deserve because they’re great kids. And they deserve better.

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Paul directing Nina for a Stelena scene (5x18)

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Here, shotgun.

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Serious gorgeousness: Rijksmuseum Revisited

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Claire Underwood ♠ Season 2

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